Hair Stylist and Make-up Artist

Covid 19 Pr‚Äčocedures

During this uncertain time I have been working in guidelines to ensure your safety both in my studio and on location for that special day!!  I want you to be relaxed and enjoy the experience knowing your safety is my priority.  Please make sure you read the procedures that apply to you before your appointment, as these will be updated on a regular basis as guidance is given by the government.

24 - 48 hours before your booking a Covid 19 questionnaire MUST be completed by each individual.  Failure to do so will result in refusal of service.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

Covid Questionnaire

Preparing for a Post Covid 19 world... 

In preparation to return back to work I have been thinking long and hard of ways to keep by beautiful ladies safe. As you know cleanliness and hygiene has always been high on my list of priorities, but now I am taking it that little step further!

I am now taking Covid tests twice a week so ensure that my risk to others is reduced :-) 

  • All linens and hand towels etc are washed at 60 degrees with Antibacterial laundry products
  • Purchasing an insane number of extra make-up brushes! I now have 6 boxes each containing 22 vital brushes and tools needed to complete a makeover. These will be cleaned and sterilised after each use
  • Now the proud owner of specialist sanitising wash for make-up brushes and sanitising spray for make-up pallets...along with alocohol and antibacterial wipes and sprays for cleaning cases and equipment
  • Purchasing extra combs, hair brushes, rollers, sectioning clips etc so I have 6 complete sets ready for styling, which can then be cleaned and sterilised after each booking
  • PPE and hand sanitiser galore!! Disposable masks are available when at my studio for a small fee
  • Buying so many cleaning products you would be amazed!  
  • Completing online Covid 19 courses with Barbicide and Guild Training International 

For appointments at my Studio...

As you know my studio is within my home, so I have had to change the way I work so that I can welcome you into my home safely.  The room will be deep cleaned before each booking (cleaned, hoovered, surfaces and handles wiped over with zaflora and soft furnishings sprayed with Dettol All-in-One spray)  and  and the windows will be open, come rain or shine, for ventilation.  I have removed the sofa and work chair and have replaced these with wooden chairs that can easily be wiped down after each use.

The downstairs toilet also be deep cleaned before your arrival and during your visit these will not be available for use by my family...this is to protect you, and them:

Where possible, to help with distancing I am asking only one person attends at a time, two at the very maximum - provided they live in the same household.  

For trials with larger bridal parties an appointment rota will need to  adhered to

  • Before entering my premises you must be wearing a face covering, these can only be removed for treatments where necessary. If you do not have a face covering I will have disposable ones available at ¬£1 each. 
  • Before entering the studio you will be asked to wash and dry your hands using the facilities provided
  • You will be asked to check that all the information on your questionnaire is correct and sign to confirm this.  I will also then take your temperature with a contact-less thermometer.  Should your temperature be above 37.5 you will be asked to leave and rearrange your appointment no less than 14 days later
  • A toilet is available during your visit if it is required
  • I am afraid beverages are no longer available, if you feel you may need a drink during your visit please bring one with you.  I also suggest having an extra layer of clothing with you should it be a cold day.  Unless it is raining, all the windows will be open to allow the room adequate ventilation, this may get a little chilly during the colder months
  • Please remember to send pictures of styles you like for your wedding day before your appointment, so that I can be prepared and ready.  Appointments will be limited to 90 minutes per service for the bride, and 60 minutes per service for others.  This is to limit the time you spend within my premises for your safety.  If you would like to schedule a phone call or video call before your appointment to discuss your look please let me know so we can arrange this and pop an appointment in the diary 
  • Should a member of my household fall ill, for your safety your appointment will be rescheduled, I would appreciate it if you would do the same in return.  We all need to stay safe and healthy during this difficult time.  Please refer to my terms and conditions with regards to Covid related cancellations

A Covid 19 Questionnaire must be completed per person 24 - 48 hours before your appointment 

Your Wedding Day 

As you can imagine, keeping everyone safe away from my studio is a little more risky as there are factors I can not control.  As with the appointments at my studio, every individual will be expected to complete and submit a Covid Questionnaire 24-48 hours before their appointment.

Failure to complete a questionnaire will result in refusal of service and no refund offered

  • Due to precautions having to be made, my arrival to you will be earlier than originally agreed, this is to allow extra time for the set up and cleaning in between clients
  • Every client will be asked to check and sign their questionnaire and their temperature will be taken using a contact less thermometer.  Anyone with a temperature above 37.5 degrees will be refused service and asked to vacate the room while myself and my stylists are working
  • Where possible a separate room for the stylists to work in will be required, to limit the number of people within close proximity at any given time.  Windows will need to be open, regardless of the weather, to allow adequate ventilation, especially has there will be a number of people in close proximity
  •   We kindly ask that while myself or my stylists are at work, you maintain a 2m social distance, the work we do is considered 'close contact' and therefore we need to limit the risk as much as we can.  Even if the Government reduces the social distancing rulings, for us on a wedding day this will still apply regardless
  • Photographers and Videographers will be asked to refrain from capturing images while we work, we are happy to set up at the end for 'mock' shots.  PPE can be removed for these shots for a short space of time, however both the Bride, Photographer, Videographer, or both, will be expected to sign to confirm that the stylists PPE was removed to capture the image only, and all parties consented to this
  • No food or drink to be consumed while you are in the chair being worked on.  The maximum length of time you will be in the chair at any given time will be around 45 minutes
  • While I have a fresh set of make-up or hair tools per person, time will still need to be spent cleaning and sterilising make-up, heated tools and chairs in between ladies, so please ensure you are ready for your allocated time slot
  • While we would usually stay until the bride is ready to leave, due to the number of people in one room, we will aim  to vacate the area as soon as we can.  We suggest you dress promptly so that we can give you the once over before we leave.  I am still more than happy to 'dress the bride' however this needs to be confirmed in advance so that additional time can be allocated

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who we feel may put us at risk, or refuses to adhere to our Covid procedures.  Refunds will not be offered.  

We have worked tirelessly to ensure your safety and appreciate your cooperation

Many Thanks xx 

A Covid 19 Questionnaire must be completed per person 24 - 48 hours before your wedding day 

Please make sure you are aware of the Terms and Conditions with regards to cancellations /rescheduled wedding days due to the COVID 19 outbreak and government restrictions

Terms and Conditions