Hair Stylist and Make-up Artist

Here Comes the Bride...

Can you believe your wedding day is almost here??

Let the countdown begin!!

The final days leading up to your wedding can a bit of an emotional roller coaster with stress, nerves and excitement! My advice to you is take each day as it comes, you will have lots of last minute tasks to complete, so be sure to write a list (I do love a list…or five!) so you can clearly see what needs to be done and relish in your progress as you cross each one off!

With the day of ‘I Do’ fast approaching I have compiled some little pointers to ensure that your morning runs smoothly. I do recommend that you share this page with your bridal party as there are some areas that apply to them also.

Are your suppliers in contact with each other? 

I always find it helps your suppliers to be able to chat with each other. If I am working with another hair stylist or make-up artist I like to get in touch with them before the wedding day to discuss timings and the order of ladies; that way we are not both waiting on the same lady at the same time. I also like to drop a message to the photographer to check what time they were planning to shoot the bridal prep photos etc.

If you are getting ready in a hotel make sure you message your suppliers the night before so that they know what room to ask for as they swiftly head through reception.

What order are people leaving in? 

If any members of the wedding party are leaving earlier be sure to let your stylist know so that they can devise a plan to make certain everyone is ready and looking beautiful in plenty of time.

Do you have that one family member or friend that is always running late? 

 Tell them to arrive earlier than they are needed, that way if they are late they are actually on time! At least when your bridal party are all with you that is one less thing to worry about!

Have you thought about breakfast? 

It’s a very long day for you, and although you may have butterflies and not feel like eating, it’s always best to have something to pick at if needed, especially if you are planning to sample some bubbles during the morning! Croissants and sausage rolls are usually popular with bridal parties, especially if there are children around (chocolate finger prints and beautiful dresses do not mix so well!) Some venues do provide the bridal party with nibbles throughout the morning, it’s always a good idea to check and be prepared.

Now for the important stuff…how to be ready for your bridal make-over! As I said I do love a list, so here is one I prepared earlier!!

After the trial a time plan will have been sent to you, please share this with everyone in

your bridal party so that they have an idea of how the morning will pan out and be ready


Hair needs to be clean, free of product and left to dry naturally. I usually ask that hair is washed the night before,

however if you are like me and feel like a grease ball in the morning, please feel free to wash your hair but it must be

completely dry for my arrival so not to delay styling on the day


If you are booked for a blow dry you will be given a time to wash or dampen your hair ready for styling


DO NOT STRAIGHTEN your hair, unless you have been asked to do so.

My apologies, you will be asked to embrace the frizz for a short amount of time so that I can work my magic!


Make sure you are wearing a top that can easily be removed (dressing gown, button up top or a camisole that

can be pulled down to remove) so not to damage your gorgeous hair style when it is time to get changed


If your bridal style includes clip in extensions please make sure these are freshly washed and

dried and attached to the clips properly


Have you hair accessories for the day ready and waiting so that they can be incorporated into the hair as we style. If you were given a bun piece or hair padding at the trial you must bring this with you on the wedding day. These are purchased when needed so I do not carry a stock with me in my kit. If you fail to bring this with you the hair style may need to be changed

If you have a veil please make sure the comb is attached the right way round to fit with your hairstyle.

This would have been discussed at your trial. If you are unsure please contact me asap


All traces of make-up must be removed before your make-over will begin.

I do an express cleanse for every lady in my chair but this is just to swiftly remove any traces of hair spray etc,

not to remove mascara and eyeliner (some can be quite time consuming to remove and we don’t want to delay the bride on the day)


If you are not having lashes on the wedding day I do suggest bringing your own mascara (waterproof is probably best)

as I have to use disposable mascara wands, for hygiene reasons, and these do nothing to build your lashes!


If you are wearing contact lenses please put these in around 10-15 minutes before your allocated

time slot to allow your eyes to settle before we begin


If you have sensitivity to any products please let me know asap so that I know what to avoid

Your wedding day is precious and you need to sit back and enjoy every minute,

I am here to help you in any way I can

If you have any questions or worries please don’t be afraid to drop me a message or pick up the phone and give me a call

I look forward to seeing you very soon…on your wedding day!!

Love and best wishes