Hair Stylist and Make-up Artist

Are you ready for your preview??

It’s almost time for your wedding trial!! With the busy, and sometimes stressful, planning that surrounds your wedding day your bridal trial is the perfect time to sit back, relax and enjoy a little girly time!

If you know exactly what you want for your wedding day, that’s fabulous! If you are worried and unsure which style to choose…don’t worry, we’ve got this! Your trial is the perfect time for me to take your hand and walk you through everything step by step, from choosing hair styles and the perfect shade of lippy, to timings on your wedding morning so everything runs like clockwork, to making sure you have something for breakfast so that first glass of bubbly doesn’t go straight to your head! I love to talk and we cover everything!!

If you need some ideas of styles please visit my Inspiration page to see other bridal styles I have created 

So to get us started I thought now is the perfect time to share with you, some frequently asked questions, by my brides over the years, about how to be prepared for your trial;

Do you need to see what I am wearing on my wedding day?

It always helps to see a picture of your dress, and/or the bridesmaids dresses, so that we can be sure the colours and styles suit accordingly. If you have a lot of detail on the back of your dress we can to make sure it is still on show or if you have a high neck we want to be sure that your hair isn’t going to catch it every time you move your head.

If you don’t have a picture of yourself in the dress, a stock image will be perfect, so we can plan your style around it.

Do I need pictures of styles I like?

I always ask my ladies to ping over some pictures of hair or make-up styles they have seen that they like so that I can be fully prepared on the day of the trial. If you see a style that you absolutely hate, don’t be afraid to show me those either! It always helps to see your likes and dislikes.

How long is a bridal trial?

I don’t like my ladies to feel rushed, on a wedding day the average hair style takes around an hour, and makeup approximately 45 minutes for a bride. So for a brides trial please allow around 90 minutes per service, so 3 hours if having both hair and make-up.

For bridesmaids and mum's I usually allow 45 minutes to an hour per person per service.

I have heard hair shouldn’t be freshly washed for the wedding day, is this true?

To a certain extent, yes this is true, a little natural oil in the hair will aid with styling. I advise my ladies to wash their hair the night before, so it is free from styling products, and left to dry naturally. Unfortunately for some ladies this means they will have to embrace the frizz for a few hours!! If, like me though, your hair is quite oily, and you feel you need to wash it on the morning of your trial please make sure it is fully dried when you arrive.

Do I need to bring my accessories with me for the trial?

If you have chosen your hair accessories and/or veil and you are able to bring them with you please feel free to do so, it helps you to see the full picture. If you are unable to bring them with you, or haven’t made that decision yet, don’t worry, I have a collection of accessories we can experiment with to see what works for you.

Do you provide extensions?

I am afraid I do not provide hair extensions for your wedding day, however I am happy to style with them. Some hair styles that incorporate hair extensions will incur an additional charge of up to £20 on the wedding day to cover the extra work and time needed.

Should I arrive with no make-up?

If you are able to arrive make-up free for your trial (obviously this doesn’t matter if you are having a hair only trial) please do, as this will save time on cleansing which will give us more time to play with products! If you don’t feel comfortable leaving home without your make-up on, never fear, we will remove it all before we make a start!

If you have any allergies to skin products or suffer from sensitive skin please drop me a message before your appointment so we can have a chat about what products to avoid.

What kinds of lashes do you use?

For all my make-up work I use strip lashes that are designed to be used for one day only. I will never ask you to keep the lashes used at your trial, I will always provide you with a fresh pair on your wedding day.

What happens if I decide I change my mind on the chosen look?

At the end of the day, when you walk down the aisle its important you feel and look stunning! Minor changes are absolutely fine; just drop me a message and we can have a chat about the amendments we need to make. In some circumstances, to ensure that you are confident in the changes proposed, a second trial may need to be booked.

When do I need to confirm numbers for my wedding day?

At your trial I will ask for a list of ladies who require hair and/or make-up. Additions can be made up to two months before the wedding day, provided timings allow or I can secure the service of an extra stylist if needed.

Does everybody have to have a trial?

Not at all, but if ladies in your bridal party are not having a trial I will ask to see pictures of them, and the styles they are thinking of for your wedding day.

Can I bring someone with me if they are not having a trial?

Of course, that’s not a problem at all! I do ask though that no children attend, unless they are having a trial, or it has been agreed before your appointment and an adult is able to supervise while you are being pampered. My studio is based within my family home and can comfortably accommodate 3 ladies plus little old me. If there are going to be more than three ladies please let me know before the trial so I can be sure we have enough additional space.

Is there parking available at your studio?

During the week while my husband is at work there is an available space on my driveway, please feel free to park there. Evenings and weekends there is normally space to park on the main road outside.

If you have any questions that have not been covered here please drop me a message or give me a call.

I look forward to seeing you very soon,

Love and best wishes